Tuesday, January 09, 2007

RealView Development Suite and Eclipse

I am starting to use RVDS from ARM. I'm using it mainly for its debugger (RVD) and its simulator (RVISS). I don't know if I will ever use the CodeWarrior IDE that comes with it. However, since ARM supports a number of Eclipse plugins for RVDS, and I have been using Eclipse for most of my embedded work, I thought I would give the plugins a try.

Download the Eclipse plugins and documentation from the ARM website. Even though the RVDS Eclipse plugins page mentions only Eclipse 3.1 and CDT 3.0.0, they work just fine with Eclipse 3.2 and CDT 3.1.0 I am using.

To install the plugins, simply follow the instructions in the RVDS Eclipse Plugins User Guide. Once installed, you can start creating your first RVDS "Hello World!" program in Eclipse. Alternatively, follow the User Guide to create an ARM or ARM/Thumb interworking project.

The User Guide also mentions that GNU Make is required and we should be able to use either the one from Cygwin or from MinGW. I find, however, that if you use Cygwin Make, the first build of a project will succeed but subsequent builds will fail with this error:

hello-rvds.d:6: *** target pattern contains no `%'. Stop.

Or something to that effect. It has something to do with the Cygwin Make program inability to understand Windows full pathname which includes the drive letter followed by a colon. So, your only option is to download the GNU Make from MinGW. It is an installer. Once installed, put the path to the Make program in your PATH environment variable. Since the program is named mingw32-make.exe, which is different from the one for Cygwin, you do not have to worry about name clash.

One last detail, you also need to replace the default make with mingw32-make in your project properties > C/C++ Build > Build Settings as shown below:

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