Friday, January 12, 2007

Mac OS X Embedded?

Apple iPhone has been revealed recently and it gets me all excited. The phone itself is nice but I am more interested in the OS behind it. It is none other than the Mac OS X itself. What processor it is running on, by the way?

I'm wondering whether this "embedded" OS X would be available to us, embedded developers, to tinker with. Knowing Apple, however, I don't think this would happen. Maybe, it is a good thing. I haven't bought anything from Apple Inc. yet. I would love to have the MacBook with Intel Core Duo but my wife won't let me. Anyway, with Apple products, they tend to be very consistent. You know what to expect. So embedded Darwin OS, anyone?

Now, on the iPhone product itself, why only EDGE? Why not 3G? Also, why it would only be available in 2008 for us in Asia? We can't wait that long. And please support a 'virtual' 12-button keypad. I know I am a dinosaur but I am used to it and from, the look of it, the virtual QWERTY keyboard buttons are too small for my fingers.

Let the new age in personal mobility begin!

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